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The Europe Kuier tour


In 2018 Temba Travel had our first tour to Europe for adults in many years. The last tour of this kind was 15 years ago in 2003. The 2018 Tour was a huge success and it has motivated us to launch two tours for adults in 2019.

The name of this tour are meaningful. It is an Afrikaans word which mean to build friendship, to enjoy ourselves and to be relax. This is what this tour is all about. This tour is certainly not for rigid people, but for people who wants to be flexible while they learn and enjoy Europa. The tour is as much about ourselves as it is about the places that we visit. Due to the nature of the tour you will be free and flexible to do and experience things which is not part of the itinerary.

One of the most appealing aspects of these tours is that we travel in a small 9-seater vehicle. You and your travel companions will have the opportunity to change the day-to-day itinerary to suit your needs. The accommodation will be booked in advance, but you will be able to discuss the daily itinerary with your guide and make changes as you go.

These tours are affordable. We stay in clean basic accommodation and do our own cooking in most places. South African kuier around fires and meals. This means the pleasure of socializing around a braai almost every second evening. The tour will provide the best of both worlds: an affordable tour with a personalized touch.

Our first tour in 2019 is mostly an Italian experience. We will visit magnificent Rome for 3 nights, sun-filled Sorento for 2 nights and stay over in the small village of Fablo for one night. The tour will then continue to picturesque Venice, the centuries-old seaside village of Cinque Terre and then end in Nice on the French Riviera.




In Nice you might decide to end your tour and travel back to South Africa. Alternatively, you are very welcome to extend your journey and join the second tour which starts in Nice and will take you through France to the Netherlands.

The second tour begins in Nice where you will relax for 2 nights on the sunny beaches and visit the old city. From there we will wind our way through the beautiful French Alps on the route Napoleon travelled on his journey to Paris. In Paris we will spend three nights discovering the City of Lights. From Paris we will go to Amsterdam where we end our tour.

Whether you are single, a couple or a small group of friends, you are welcome to join either of these tours. On the day you confirm your booking, we will book your flights. The price of your air ticket will therefore be completely dependent on your booking date. You can also book your ticket on your own using your air miles.

Whether you decide to go on the Italian part of the tour, or the French and Dutch part of the tour, or both, this promises to be a holiday of a lifetime.


Vatican City