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Ocean View Hotel

OCEAN VIEW HOTEL - on the beach at Coffee Bay

Hole in the Wall Hotel

HOLE IN THE WALL hotel and self-catering ( self contained ) perfect for families and fishermen

White Clay Lodge

WHITE CLAY GUEST HOUSE - the perfect seaview


Coffee Bay on the Wild Coast is one of the most beautiful places on the South African coastline. The name “Wild Coast”  was given to this area not because of its untamed, spectacular natural beauty, but because of the nature of the seas during stormy weather. The Wild Coast is the last resting place of many ships and many wrecks have never even been found. Apparently Coffee Bay itself got its name from a ship carrying a load of coffee beans that ran aground here during a fierce storm. The beans grew into a number of coffee bushes that decorated the surroundings for a while.

The Wild Coast has a Bermuda Triangle story of its own. The Australian vessel, the SS Waratah disappeared along the Wild Coast. The ship, also known as the “Australian Titanic”, left Durban in July 1909 en route to Cape Town. The 500 foot vessel, plus its crew and passengers of 211 souls, never reached their destination  –  disappearing without a trace. This remains a intriguing mystery of the seas.

One of the most famous landmarks along the coastline at Coffee Bay, is the Hole in the Wall. The rock with its characteristic hole guards the mouth of the Mpako River and dates from 260 million years ago. In 1823 Captain Vidal named the place “Hole in the Wall’ when he was sent by the British Admiralty to inspect the coastline stretching from the mouth of the Keiskamma River to Maputo. However, among the local people it is called EsiKhaleni, meaning “Place of the Sound”. During certain weather conditions in Coffee Bay, the water makes a very loud clapping sound, almost like thunder, which can be heard reverberating through the area.

Hole in the Wall at Coffee Bay is of particular religious importance to the Xhosa people, who believe that it is the gateway to their ancestors. In 1856 a young girl, Nongqawuse, saw a vision of what she believed was an ancestor. According to his message, the souls of dead Xhosa warriors would appear from the Hole in the Wall on 18 February, chasing the hated British people into the sea. However, the Xhosa people had to sacrifice all their cattle and crops to make this possible. They carried out this instruction, killing all their cattle and burning their crops. A great tragedy ensued when thousands of Xhosa people died of hunger.

If you are looking for a holiday of swimming, walking, scuba diving, golf, spearfishing  –  the good things in life  –  look no further than Coffee Bay. The Ocean View Hotel and the beautiful White Clay Guest House offer excellent, affordable accommodation.

This is hiking country, as you will see from the many hiking trails in the area, including the Wild Coast Hiking Trail.

The Hluleka Nature Reserve is near Coffee Bay and gives you the opportunity of viewing the many plant and animal species in their natural, pristine habitat, with whales and dolphins paying regular visits.

Ocean View Hotel Hole In the Wall Hotel Whiteclay Guest House