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Bains Game lodge Luxury lodge and self-catering ( self contained ) on game farm near Nelson Mandela exit next to N1
Sangiro Lodge Luxury lodge on a farm at the northern exit from N1 toBloemfontein.
Lakewood Lodge Comforts in the city centre near stadium and waterfront


 Bloemfontein , Dutch for "spring of Bloem (bloom)", "flower spring" or "fountain of flowers") is the capital city of the Free State Province of South Africa as well as one of the nation's three capitals, the judicial capital.

Bloemfontein's Sesotho name is Mangaung, meaning "place of cheetahs" and became part of the Mangaung Local Municipality in 2000.

Bloemfontein is popularly and poetically known as "the city of roses", owing to the abundance of these flowers and the annual rose festival held there.

Bloemfontein is situated on dry grassland at 2906'S 2613'E29.1S 26.217E, at an altitude of 1,395 metres above sea level. The city is home to 369,568 residents, while the Mangaung Local Municipality has a population of 645,455.

Bloemfontein is served by Bloemfontein airport.

Founding and early days
Warden originally chose the site largely because of its close proximity to the main route to Winburg, the spacious open country, and the absence of horse sickness. Bloemfontein was the original farm of Johannes Nicolaas Brits born 21 February 1790 owner and first inhabitant of Bloemfontein. Johann as he was known sold the farm to Maj Warden.

As the capital of the Orange Free State Republic the growth and maturing of the Republic resulted in the growth of the town. Numerous public buildings that remain in use today were constructed. This was largely facilitated by the excellent governance of the Republic (which acquired the term model republic) and the compensation from the British for the loss of the diamond rich Griqualand area.

A railway line was built in 1890 connecting Bloemfontein to Cape Town. The writer J. R. R. Tolkien was born in the city on 3 January 1892, though his family left South Africa following the death of his father, Arthur Tolkien, while Tolkien was still a child (1896). He recorded that his earliest memories were of "a hot country."

Second Anglo-Boer War/South African War

In 1899, Bloemfontein was the site of the Bloemfontein Conference, which failed to prevent the outbreak of the Second Boer War. The conference was a final attempt to avert a war between Britain and the South African Republic.

With its failure the stage was set for war, which broke out on 11 October 1899. The rail line from Cape Town provided a centrally located railway station, and proved critical to the British in occupying the city later.

On 13 March 1900, following the Battle of Paardeberg, British forces captured the city and built a concentration camp nearby to house Boer women and children. The National Women's Memorial, on the outskirts of the city, pays homage to the 26,370 women and children as well as 1,421 old men (including 14,154 black people, though some sources feel that the records are unsatisfactory, and that this number could be as high as 20,000 who died in these camps in various parts of the country.

Recent history
Until 1994, the city was the sole judicial capital of South Africa. It remains the seat for the Supreme Court Of Appeal (formerly the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court) and is therefore generally regarded as the judicial capital of South Africa.

Bloemfontein is also an administrative centre with many private hospitals and educational institutions. Bloemfontein is located in central South Africa on the southern edge of the Highveld at an elevation of 1,400 metres (4,600 ft), bordering on the semi-arid region of the Karoo.

Bloemfontein experiences a semi-arid climate , with hot summer days (Jan: max:32C min:19C; frequent afternoon thunderstorms) and cooler, dry winters, often with frosts (July: max:14C min:-3C). Snow is uncommon but as recently as August 2006 it snowed in the city, with snowfalls occurring again at the airport on 26 July 2007.