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Bedroom Shakaland
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 To gain an insight into the Zulus' former traditional way of life, one should visit the open-air museum "Shakaland" near Eshowe. It is the oldest "Zulu Cultural Village" in Zululand, originally built as a scenery for the movie "Shaka Zulu".

Shakaland represents the kraal of Senzangakhona. He was the father of legendary Zulu King Shaka, who conquered the various clans and tribes in Zululand and founded the Zulu nation by uniting them.

Shakaland is beautifully situated in the Entembeni hills with a wide view of the bushland and the quiet Pobane lake.Visitors can - by appointment - take part in a guided tour of the Zulu village, where Chief Malinga and his family live. The traditional "Umuzi" consists of several Zulu round-huts building a circle around the cattle kraal. During the tour the social system and the way of life of the Zulus explained, their rites and costums and the meaning of their clothes and ornaments. Their fighting technique and various crafts are being demonstrated. Afterwards one can taste the Zulu beer and join in a traditional meal.

A traditional Zulu 'Umuzi' or homestead, divided into the home of the Zulu's and Shakaland Hotel rooms. A unique resort built on the set of the movies, Shaka Zulu and John Ross.

Feel the pulsating rhythm of mysterious and magical Africa as you re-live the excitement and romance of the days of Shaka, King of the Zulu's, in this authentic re-creation of the Great Kraal overlooking the Umhlatuze Lake. Experience the sight of assegaai-wielding warriors, share the fascinating secrets of the Sangomas and witness traditional customs such as tribal dancing, spear making and the beer-drinking ceremonies.

Stay in first-class accommodation in traditional beehive huts, with all mod-cons such as en-suite bathrooms. Shakaland Hotel is more than just a tourist attraction - it is an enriching experience affording a better understanding of the Zulu nation, its people and their intriguing customs.