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If you had seen pictures of the Augrabies Falls during the recent floods, you will understand why the early inhabitants of the region called it “Aukoerebis” – the place of Great Noise. Here the Orange River has carved a ravine out of granite rock, and
when the water thunders to the pool 56 m below, one is tempted to cover ones ears!

The Augrabies Falls forms one of the main attractions of the Augrabies National Park, but it is most certainly not the only. To start off with, the quiver trees (kokerbome) dotted through out the park’s unique arid landscape is a sight that will have you taking one photograph after the next. The unique ecosystem that is able to survive such extremes fills you with respect – and there is more than 15 000 ha of it to see…

After you’ve witnessed the awe-inspiring falls by taking your time around the extensive network of safe wheelchair-friendly boardwalks, it is time to drive to Moon Rock, Echo and Ararat. Apart from the eerie beauty of the arid landscape, you will most probably see graceful klipspringer, giraffe and other game. You’ll notice that the giraffe are lighter in colour than those found in the east of the country. This is a way of countering the extreme heat of this region.

The Augrabies National Park has a number of hiking routes. The 5 km Dassie Trail is a self-guided circular route, while the Klipspringer Hike offers more of a challenge. It is closed from 15 October to 31 March, takes 3 days, and has you descending into the gorge and back again. The !Garib3-in-one-adventure is a test for adrenalin junkies that involves canoeing in the gorge, a hike back up again, and then a mountain bike route back to the camp. Not for the feint-hearted!
Accommodation in the Augrabies National Park entails 59 chalets (sleeps 2 and 4) and 40 shaded campsites (with electricity, shared ablutions, communal kitchen, laundry). All chalets are self-catering, en suite and air-conditioned. There is a shop for basic supplies, and there is a fully licensed restaurant if you can’t bear another braai. Just a word of warming, though: the Augrabies National Park is extremely popular, so please book well in time to avoid disappointment.