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LA ROCHELLE SELF CATERING IN VANRHYNSDORP: Very private self-catering ( self contained ) in the town .
VAN RHYNS GUEST HOUSE: Come an experience true rural hospitality.

NAMAQUALAND COUNTRY LODGE: In the heart of Namaqualand.
VANRHYNSDORP CARAVAN PARK AND self-catering ( self contained ): Offers a variety of self-catering ( self contained ) accommodation.
GIFBERG HOLIDAY FARM: For an experience with a difference.
AANT'S DORPSEIND B&B and Self Catering in Vanrhynsdorp


Vanrhynsdorp is one of the towns you will encounter on the N7 from Cape Town to Namibia and is situated in the rugged Gifberg and Matzikamma Mountains. It forms part of the Western Cape Province, but geographically speaking the hub of the Namaqualand flower region of South Africa.

Vanrhynsdorp played an important role in the establishment of the many mission stations on the West Coast, as well as in the Karoo and Namaqualand. The town was first known as Trutro, named after the Troe-Troe Zending (Missions) of Pieter van Meerhoff in 1661. In fact, you can still see the Trutro Homestead in Vanrhynsdorp. In 1881 Trutro became Vanrhynsdorp, in honour of the Van Rhijn family who played an important role in the small community.

But among South Africans, Vanrhynsdorp means only one thing: the famous Namaqualand flowers in the springtime. This is the ideal place from where to explore this beautiful region. The West Coast, Hantam Karoo and “Knersvlakte” are all within reach, and apart from the breathtaking scenery, the local inhabitants are a diverse, fascinating bunch. 

Vanrhynsdorp is also home to the largest succulent nursery in the southern hemisphere, as well as Latsky’s Radio Museum. Here you can see old valve radios, dating from the 1920s.

There are many hiking trails in the surrounding mountains, as well as many examples of ancient San rock art. The San used to inhabit the mountains around Vanrhynsdorp, and they used the quivertrees as the quivers for their arrows.

Vanrhynsdorp offers a variety of accommodation, ranging from La Rochelle (a small, friendly self-catering establishment), Gifberg Holiday Farm (also self-catering and with lots of things to do), the Van Rhyns Guest House (in a charming old Victorian house) as well as the Vanrhynsdorp Caravan Park (self-catering chalets as well as a beautiful caravan park).