Accommodation in the Matopo Hills at Granite Ridge Lodge is now called the Farmhouse again.

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Granite Ridge Lodge

Cecil John Rhodes was one of the great imperialists, discoverers and founders of the colony which later became the Republic of Zimbabwe. When he died at the age of 49 he left a fortune behind but most interesting about his will was his request to be buried in the granite rocks of the Matobo Hills near Bulawayo, which later became the Matobo National Park of Zimbabwe.

Rhodes Matobo is home to the Farmhouse Lodge. An old farmhouse was renovated and is now used as the main building of the Farmhouse. For a while it was known as the Granite Ridge Lodge but it has recently reverted back to being called The Farmhouse.

A massive granite ridge behind the lodge reveals the origin of the previous name. The granite was eroded through millions of years to form huge rocks and some of Africa’s most spectacular views. It looks as if a giant has placed boulders on top of each other.


The Location

The Farmhouse is without doubt the best choice for families, only 40km on a tar road from Bulawayo, in the Matobo Hills in Zimbabwe.GPS 20 30 39.08S, 28 26 17.02E



At Granite Ridge you will be accommodated in one of 19 chalets which all accommodate 4 people in the main bedroom and kitchen/ lounge area. The restaurant and bar at The Farmhouse provide excellent meals. Their English high tea is a favorite with most visitors.




The Matobo National Park is home to more than just rocks. Sable and rhino are two of the more common mammals of this park and the vegetation is extraordinarily beautiful.

The views from the lodge are spectacular. The gardens and swimming pool contribute to a very relaxed atmosphere.