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Deception Valley Lodge

Luxury - in the Central Kalahari area.


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Deception Valley Lodge - General

If you want to explore the world of southern Africa’s oldest inhabitants, the San, visit Deception Valley Lodge in Botswana. This luxury lodge is situated in the middle of the Kalahari Desert, on a private concession area close to the north eastern border of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana.

At Deception Valley Lodge in Botswana you have the opportunity of meeting the Naro Tribe. They are San people who have been living in this arid, inhospitable area for almost 20 000 years. The dialect spoken by the Naro Tribe at Deception Valley Lodge boasts 37 clicks – try getting your tongue around those!

The San people of the Kalahari are legendary trackers and hunters, and at Deception Valley Lodge in Botswana you will have a chance of seeing them in action. Go on a bush walk accompanied by a member of the Naro tribe, as well as a guide from Deception Valley Lodge, who will translate and share the Naro tracker’s vast knowledge of nature with you. You will be astounded at the information a Naro tracker can glean from looking at an animal’s spoor! Witness them hunting with box and poisoned arrow, collecting food from the bush, or learn more about the San culture with your guide as translator.

The Location

The Deception Valley Lodge near the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is a luxury Botswana lodge, so guests are accommodated in the lap of luxury.


Six chalets offer twin-bedded accommodation, while the remaining two chalets are family rooms with two interleading rooms each. The chalets at Deception Valley Lodge in Botswana are luxurious, each offering an en suite Victorian bathroom, outside shower, lounge, ceiling fan, mosquito nets, mini-bar, bathrobes, shaving plugs and hairdryer.

The chalets at Deception Valley Lodge are built on stilts and connected to the main complex by means of wooden walkways. The main complex at Deception Valley Lodge near the Central Kalahari Game Reserve comprises a bar, lounge, dining room, library and curio shop, while you can watch the action at the nearby waterhole from the viewing deck. A swimming pool provides welcome relief from hot days. At night, the campfire the boma area of Deception Valley Lodge is a strong attraction.




Besides the guided walks with the Naro tracker, Deception Valley Lodge also offer guided morning and evening game drives to view cheetah, leopard and antelope. The area around Deception Valley Lodge in Botswana is a paradise for birdwatchers, where you can view many bird species including vultures.