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Tuli Safari Lodge - General

For an immersion into the untamed allure and warm heart of Botswana's Tuli block, a visit to Tuli Safari Lodge or its camping sites, Nokalodi and Molema, is a must. While Tuli Safari Lodge beckons with luxurious lodge accommodations, Nokalodi and Molema present self-catering (self-contained) bush camps that promise an African adventure of a lifetime. Nestled within the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, both Tuli Safari Lodge and Nokalodi Bush Camp grace the eastern corner of Botswana, adjacent to the renowned Mapungubwe World Heritage Site in South Africa. Meanwhile, Molema Bush Camp sits on privately owned land, adjacent to the Northern Tuli Game Reserve.

The Location

Positioned on the banks of the Limpopo River, the lodge itself is a mere 15 minutes upstream from the Pontdrift border. GPS coordinates: S 22 12 842 E 29 05 687.



In the Heart of Botswana's Tuli Block Within the enchanting Tuli block of Botswana, unique sandstone outcrops dominate the landscape. Amidst these geological wonders rests the opulent Tuli Safari Lodge, nestled along the banks of the Limpopo River. Our discerning guests enjoy accommodations in eight lavish suites. These suites are categorized into "5 ele" and "4 ele" tiers, both boasting top-tier amenities such as double/twin beds, en suite bathrooms, inviting indoor and outdoor seating areas, and convenient tea/coffee-making facilities. Notably, the "5 ele" suites offer an even more secluded and spacious experience.

At the distinguished Tuli Safari Lodge, hospitality is etched into unforgettable memories. Mealtime harmonizes with our guests' activities, aligning with early morning and evening guided game drives. In between, guests can bask in the refreshing embrace of the swimming pool or observe the avian and wildlife wonders in close proximity to the lodge. Expanding horizons, the Tuli Safari Lodge orchestrates supplementary activities (some possibly incurring an additional charge), encompassing guided walks, tranquil hours at game hides within the Nature Reserve (overnight stays included), exhilarating horseback rides, and insightful visits to the community projects within the villages of Motlabaneng or Lentswe-le-Moriti. An intriguing endeavour awaits guests at the luxury Tuli Safari Lodge—the convergence of two majestic African rivers (Shashe and Limpopo) and the juncture of Botswana, Africa, and Zimbabwe.

For those who cherish the spirit of camping, the self-catering (self-contained) accommodations at Nokalodi and Molema reveal an avenue to embrace the mesmerizing charm of Botswana's Tuli block. Nokalodi Bush Camp shelters guests in four safari tents, each graced with an en suite bathroom and a patio (inclusive of bedding, towels, and bathroom essentials). The fully equipped kitchen and boma area transform self-catering (self-contained) into an enjoyable endeavour.

At Molema's self-catering (self-contained) Bush Camp, four wooden chalets stand ready to host guests, featuring en suite bathrooms, braai stands, and verandas (complete with bedding, towels, and bathroom essentials). Here, the fully equipped kitchen and boma area ensure effortless self-catering (self-contained) ease. Additionally, intrepid guests can erect their tents at one of the four private camping sites, each equipped with private ablution facilities and a dedicated braai area. The operation of Molema Bush Camp proudly intertwines with the local community in harmonious partnership.




Thrilling Pursuits Await Within Botswana's revered Tuli block, an avian haven awaits avid birdwatchers, and Tuli Safari Lodge stands as your gateway to remarkable sightings. Bird enthusiasts can marvel at species like the Bat Hawk, Pel's Fishing Owl, Kori Bustard, Threebanded Courser, Ayre's Hawk Eagle, and Senegal Coucal. Mark your calendar for our birding specials, an enthralling experience spanning from November to the end of February. The Tuli region also claims distinction as the home to extensive herds of elephants, constituting the largest elephant population on privately owned land. Your journey into the Tuli block promises unparalleled encounters with Africa's captivating treasures.