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If the love of safari adventure runs thick in your blood and you fancy yourself to be somewhat of an intrepid explorer, Oddballs offer just the affordable Okavango Dellta experience you are looking for.

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is a huge inland water system, characterised by an intricate series of channels and flood plains. Previously the river used to run into the Makgadikgadi Lake, creating a huge inland ocean. However, geological activity has stemmed the flow of the river, causing the formation of the dry plains of the Kgalakgadi. This caused the formation of today’s Makgadikgadi Pans and the Okavango Delta.

At the end of each day, relax in the lounge area, or enjoy a sundowner on the deck overlooking the Delta. You are guaranteed to hear wonderful stories in the famous “Skull Bar” (some of them might not be quite the truth, but who lets reality get in the way of a good story?). At the Oddballs Camp you will find a hammock around just about every corner – get in and read more about the wildlife in Oddballs Camp’s well-equipped library.


The Location

Oddballs Camp is situated on Chief’s Island, right in the very heart of Botswana’s jewel, the Okavango Delta. To give you an idea of just what you are in for: Oddballs Camp can only be reached by light aircraft. Definitely not for the feint-hearted!

The Oddballs Camp in the Okavango Delta is only 20 minutes’ away from Maun in Botswana. Guests are limited to 12,5 kg luggage per person, but since the Oddballs Camp in the Okavango Delta provides all camping equipment, this should not concern you. If you have excess luggage, you can store this at the Oddballs office in Maun, Botswana.



Guests at Oddball Camp are housed in 2m by 2m dome tents that are pitched on shaded wooden decks. This is not a luxury lodge, but the accommodation is clean and comfortable. Each tent is equipped with matresses, bedding and a light. Ablution facilities are shared, but there are sufficient shower and toilet facilities throughout the camp.

Oddballs Camp in the Okavango Delta even offers honeymoon accommodation, for those who are looking for a honeymoon with a difference. Honeymoon guests are housed in a chalet constructed out of reeds, with en suite toilet and hot water shower.




\Each year, the Okavango Delta in Botswana gets its water from run-off of the Angolan rainy season (from October to April). The annual flooding causes the migration of a myriad of wildlife species back into the region. At Oddballs, be prepared to see plenty of elephant, buffalo, wattled crane, wild dog, sitatunga, crocodile etcetera.

Oddballs Camp made mokoro trips along the Okavango Delta in Botswana legendary. A mokoro is a wooden canoe which is moved forward in the shallow water of the Okavango Delta by means of a long wooden pole.

In some other establishments, fibreglass mokoros are used, but the Oddballs Camp in Botswana still believes in using the real thing! We use wooden mokoros, made by hollowing out the trunk of a big tree, such as Botswana’s famous sausage tree. Oddballs offers short excursions (2 to 3 hours) and trips lasting 4 days.

The guides at the Oddballs Camp in Botswana are men born in the Okavango Delta and who know the area and its wildlife like the palm of their hands. Whether they accompany you on a mokoro trip, or on a guided walk, your safety is of the utmost importance.