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Matopos Hills Lodge - General

The Matobo Hills Lodge in Zimbabwe, built on a private reserve next to the famous Matobo National Park, is an establishment that captures the serene essence of the Matobo Hills. Designed in such as way as to blend into the granite boulders so characteristic of the Matobo Hills, the Matobo Hills Lodge offers unrivalled views of the Maleme Valley and Mount Ififi.

The Location

Matobo Hills National Park, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe



At the Matobo Hills Lodge, guests are accommodated in 17 thatched luxury lodges, built from granite, all en-suite. Four lodges have double beds, while the remaining lodges have twin beds. Tea/ coffee facilities are available in all lodges. The lodges are joined by means of raised walkways to the main complex of the Matobo Hills Lodge. The lounge and bar with its glass walls as well as a balcony offers unforgettable views of the surroundings. The Matobo Hills Lodge is famous for its scrumptious meals, which can be taken in the dining room or the open-air gazebo. Mealtimes can be adapted to suit game drives.

The construction of the natural rock swimming pool makes clever use of the surrounding granite boulders and is fitted into a rock crevice. The Matobo Hills Lodge also offers a laundry and gift shop with a wide selection of special curios.

If you are looking for an extra special wedding venue, the Matobo Hills Lodge is an obvious choice. Up to 80 guests can be accommodated. The conference facilities are of international standards and can accommodate 40 delegates.



But the final word about the Matobo Hills Lodge must be the spectacular natural surroundings. The Lodge has a number of well-trained guides as well as a fleet of safari vehicles to help you explore the beautiful Matobo Hills. Visit the nearby tribal villages where the lifestyle of the Kalanga and Ndebele people reflect the past and present. The Ntswatugi Cave is the scene of ancient cave paintings and it was here where the palette of an artist from 40 000 years ago was found. While the steep climb to the Silozwane cave will test your fitness, the view from there will be worth your while.

Visit the grave of Cecil John Rhodes at sunrise, when you will understand why he chose this spot, the “View of the World”, as his resting place. Somehow this spot in the Matobo Hills tells you much about his character and life.

The Matobo Hills surrounding the Matobo Hills Lodge is an area of rich biodiversity. The population of brightly coloured lizards always fascinate visitors, while the bird population of more than 200 species keeps birders entertained and glued to their binoculars. Keep a watch for black and white rhino, leopard, zebra, giraffe and other mammals when taking part in a game drive offered by the Matobo Hills Lodge. Your guide will take your special interest into consideration when planning your route.