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Situated only 20km from the main viewpoint of the Fish River Canyon. The lodge is built from natural materials, including local rock and has thatched roofs. The lodge offers en-suite rooms and the old farmhouse now serves as the dining room.


This friendly lodge is on the eastern side of the Fish River Canyon and part of the Gondwana selection. This lodge is known for its spacious public areas and beautiful chalets.


The destination of choice for families or people on self-drive tours. Canyon Roadhouse offers affordable accommodation on route to Keetmanshoop. The lodge is approximately 20 km from the Fish River Canyon.


Is an exclusive small lodge on the western rim of the Fish River Canyon. It was previously called THE GRAND VIEW and is situated such that each en-suite chalet has a private view into the canyon.


This resort is situated where the Fish River Canyon begins to open out onto the desert plains. With its natural mineral hot springs and excellent accommodation it is a perfect place to spend a few days.


Awe inspiring is perhaps an understatement when describing the raw beauty of the Fish River Canyon, which ranks amongst the largest canyons in the world. The most spectacular section is 65 km long and the canyon reaches a depth of 549m.

The Ai-Ais Resort is renowned for the thermal springs and marks the end of the 85 km long Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail, one of the top hikes in Southern Africa.

The Fish River Canyon conservation area and the adjoining Richtersveld National Park in South Africa have been designated Namibia's first trans-frontier conservation area. The Orange River which forms a natural boundary between the two countries, offers pleasant conditions for canoeing and rafting.

Richtersveld National Park is an experience not to be missed. For any adventurer who is sick and tired of the same old roads through Namaqualand or who is looking for that extra twist of adventure in their life without going all the way to the the north of Botswana or Namibia – this is the place to go.

Your trip to the Richtersveld starts long before you reach the park gates. Springbok is a good place to stop over and plan your trip. There are a couple of excellent hotels in Springbok, for example the Masonic Hotel and the Springbok hotel which retain that old hotel tradition that is missing in most of today's modern hotels. Old- fashioned dining rooms with chandeliers, the original old fireplaces and starched white table times you feel as if you have stepped into an old movie.

Springbok is a good place to get your supplies before you continue with your trip. And don’t forget that you will need a good water container to take drinking water with you, because the camps in the park do not have drinking water available. A 25-liter can is ideal for a trip of 3 - 4 days for 2 persons (there is water available for washing and ablutions).

If you happen to be in Springbok during August or September you will have the added pleasure of experiencing the spectacular wildflowers that burst into color between the houses, on the pavements and in every available crack of earth on the surrounding hills. That’s if you are lucky enough to be there after a good rainy season. Even if the flowers are few and far between, just seeing the sun setting over the glowing rocks and boulders in the hills that surrounding Springbok will still have you grabbing for your camera.